Writing a Play

During the Penfro Book Festival in September I attended a play writing workshop run by Derek Webb of (amongst other things) Pint-sized Plays. It was an enjoyable experience, and more than a little interesting for me, as I didn’t really think there was much for me to learn about writing plays as I had been doing it on and off for fifty years. My purpose in attending the workshop was to re-invigorate my enthusiasm for playwriting because I had gone off it as a form and moved more or less permanently into novel writing,  but knew that during the coming year a play was waiting to be written, and I really didn’t think I could do it. Well the workshop did the job, and worked to re-invigorate, but also gave me new clues to refining my construction, and improving any effort to write a play, so I really did learn something. Now the time has come for the play to be written. The suggestion made to me two years ago, became more pressing. This is a three-parter, a cycle of plays in fact, not a one-off. The aim is to use it to launch the restored Cardigan Castle in 2014, to recreate the events of Christmas 1176 when the Lord Rhys held a contest between musicians and poets. Now I am living with it daily, it is a continually evolving thing. The plot is already laid down, it is history. The First Eisteddfod. But the how and the why, and the who was there and the musical content, and all of the rest of it is crowding into my imagination and I know, that in spite of the doubts earlier in the year that I would not be up for it, I’m loving doing it. So thank you to Derek, to Glen and to Brenda, and to anyone else who was there at the workshop that day at Rhosygilwen, where my spirit was engaged again with the idea that I really could write a play, and would write a play, and am, in fact, writing a brand new, never seen before play!

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