About Liz Whittaker

Since 2002 I have been a writer, with several books published; the place I had been aiming for all my life, but which somehow took longer than I anticipated. Maybe the various careers I ventured into had something to do with that; teaching, journalism, youth theatre, motherhood, all so interesting and stimulating that the writing of novels, though always there,came second. Now though I have a trilogy ‘The Dreamstealers’ out there in the world, and a historical novel ‘A Court in Splendour’ about the first Eisteddfod held at Cardigan Castle’. I still write reviews

Liz in Cardigan Castle

for our local paper the Tivyside Advertiser which is as near a window on a small community as you are ever likely to find.

2 thoughts on “About Liz Whittaker

  1. Dear Liz,
    Thank you for your lovely article written about my exhibition, it was a nice surprise to find it. Would you be happy for me to add it to a link on my website?
    With kind regards,
    Tom Martin

    • By all means put a link to your website I’m pleased you want to use it. The piece did appear in the Tivyside Advertiser, but I put it on my blog to give it a longer life! I loved your show and and I thought your interview with Jake on Culture Colony was very interesting too.

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