Treasure Tree

Treasure tree – the deeper the roots the more prolific the branches

I dedicate myself
To the universal pulse
And in doing so
The roots of my being
Spread out and into
The sweet earth
Of your heart
Drawing on its
Hidden treasures
Till I am filled
With its vibrant energy
Like a river of invisible light
Cascades and surges
Into every cell and vein
Until treelike
I extend my branches
Burgeoned with
Blossoms, leaves
Fruits and seeds
Endowed with three thousand
Shades and scents

I sway in the cosmic breeze
With stars in my hair
And outstretched fingers

No earthly wind
Can topple me
I stand tall
And undaunted
With my harvest
Freely falling
Onto the worlds below

And all our sorrows
All our cruelties
All delusions
Like shrivelled leaves
Drift slowly down
Towards the earth
To create an even
Richer loam
For me to dig
My roots still
Further into
And so complete
This never ending