Before Completion

Before the completion is the pause.
Known well by some
Whose life runs slow.

Whose future shrinking
Lends a taste of earth
And a singed aromatic to the

To speak of caves and streams
Of seeds  embed in soil and clay
To feed them into dreams
Where slow they grow the day.

We grasped upon a
daunting hand of power
Foraged from sinew and from bone,
Where bulkhead thrusts
upon the hour
and glad-fuelled voices
Sang them home.

Is such a dance a step in :443?
Or is the time and space
A broken haze for one, only
Release by ageing
Or lend a friend intemperate ease
a fact Begging Kokanee A little kindness, so learn to please
Lest others do not follow.

Not all return
Though all are welcome.
From within
Come fine and flexing digits
Which poised before
Know that which begins and ends here.
stops here in idle majestic,
releasing power
Bought with the coin from ancient deeds
poured from the stone like long-thawed ice.