A Moment of Peace

I sit contained within a moment of peace.  It is Sunday morning, a pot of tea and warm toast at my elbow.  Just a glance across the table to my husband is enough to share our contentment.  We are happy in one another’s company reading the papers.  A knock comes at the door and it is a friend who just happens to be passing.  They come in and sit down to join us.I put more bread in the toaster and pour another cup of tea.  Another knock, another friend.  I squeeze one more cup out of the pot.

Friends finally depart having eaten more toast and drunk one more pot of tea.  I put bread to bake in the bread maker.  I quickly whip up the cake that is promised for today.  It is summer so not a roast lunch but everyone’s favourite, chicken salad. The cake comes out and I put the chicken in the oven. I can hear music coming from somewhere in the house.  My family begin to arrive. They seem to arrive through every door in the house. We just manage to all squeeze in around the kitchen table.  I hold my baby granddaughter on my knee and she blesses me with a chuckle.  It is noisy with talking and laughter.  Everyone eats the chicken and salads hungrily.  When they have reduced the chicken to its bones they fall upon the cake and devour it until there are only crumbs left.  This gives me a feeling of deep satisfaction.  Clearing and washing up is a team effort and the kitchen is restored to order in no time.

Finally people wander off to go home or do whatever it is they do. I sit, once again contained within a moment of peace.  Until there is a knock at the door and it is a friend who just happens to be passing.