Preparing for the Distance

I am not good at looking too far ahead. When I was a student and they asked us where we wanted to be in ten years, or twenty years, I just said ‘alive, hopefully’. I take on projects that have a reasonably short life, not because I don’t want to accomplish something of quality, but the restless energy that motivates me to take on projects is fickle. It’s a bit like a fire, in fact it’s a lot like a fire; burns hot, hot, and gradually slows down. Fuelled by adrenalin of course. So two years ago, when I took on the idea of turning my novel about Cardigan Castle’s historic First Eisteddfod, into a cycle of plays I began to burn for it to happen. I knocked on a few doors, talked to potential funders, sought support and all in all, two years on was in the exact same position as I was at the beginning. I’ve written already that on the point of abandoning it I found the support I needed from the external world  – and I am currently looking forward with a mixture of excitement, and terror, because this project does not even come to fruition until June 2014. It is a long time off, and I feel I should be in training for the distance. But the extraordinary thing is, I had an idea of the dream-team of local people to work with and here they are. They all said yes!  Sarah Jane Absalom has agreed to be Musical Director, Marion Vare – co-Director, Malcolm Gwyon – Set Designer, Heather Tomos – Wardrobe Mistress – somehow with this group around me I know more than ever that it is going to happen. Our first meeting will be at the beginning of February when we will consider the way forward.  Sharing the distance with others makes all the difference to its feasibility and I am genuinely looking forward to the process.


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