Stories Old and New

From feedback I have had about my new novel The Bardic Monk and the Grave of King Arthur  I have become interested again in the concept of ‘analepsis’. In the dictionary the word is only used in the context of film and drama and describes a ‘flashback’ a section of film where we are transported from the present action, to perhaps show its genesis in an earlier experience. In esoteric teaching however it means far memory, not in one’s own lifetime, the term ‘forgotten knowledge’ is used in the context of analepsis and is usually observed to be sub-conscious. It is not necessary for the person to realise they are remembering. Robert Graves says it is constantly visible in the work of poets, and genuinely believed that he himself was sometimes privy to experiencing ‘time travel’ in this way.This idea has been put into my head by the things others have said about reading my book and feeling that I ‘lived’ it. It’s a huge compliment. I do hope it will attract a publisher and not sit in a drawer for years like so much of my other material.

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