Intuition and Full Moons

A consequence of being a one-time astrologer and tarot reader is that out in the world are hundreds of tapes made by myself for clients who came to me for sittings. Today for the first time since I gave up the work over twenty years ago, one of my  tapes, with a reading on it, turned up on a market stall. It was a shock to see it amongs a pile of music tapes and when I told the stall holder he was so pleased, he gave it to me. It was a full moon, and it may sound fanciful but the number of times unlikely coincidence has put me in touch with my past or my future, has most often been when the moon was full as it was yesterday. I keep thinking about the elements and wondering if the current assumption that water=emotion, earth=action, air=thinking, and fire=intuition, is not necessarily the way it is – water is under the moon’s sway. The reason I made those tapes in the first place came back to me as I handled it. It was the beginning of the end when I employed them on a regular basis.It was not only as a reminder for my client of what I had said, it also gave me feedback from them the next time they came. I needed the feedback because the veracity of any statements made from the intuition are questionable and the ‘seer’ is never able to say ‘of this I am certain’. But worse for me was the fact that when the evidence of the feedback suggested a 60-70% success rate that I had to recognise that this could not be improved upon. Intuition is not a faculty over which we have control. It stems it seems from some area of the forgotten self and rises to prominence for most of us when situations demand something extra from us. Seers can train with practise to trust the intuition but it seems that when we try to control it and use it to predict the future or assist in decision making that we make as many mistakes as we do in everyday life. So it is over twenty years since I relinquished the role of astrologer and decided to take on something I could become good at by practise and hard work.I do not remember the person whose life I am listening to again on this tape but I am somehow blown away by my optimism and confidence and that makes me feel happy.I intend to select a picture to insert and to recommend some of the other blogs I am visiting, and that’s for tomorrow.

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