Trying it out

Thursday evening – Rushing to pay my Council Tax today and faced with one of their aggressive letters for being two days late, I mentioned it to an acquaintance who reminded me that the Council are collecting their money in advance. So their unnecessarily upsetting correspondence is not actually for something I have already had, but for something I may never even get! I wish it didn’t make me so angry. There are enough things to get angry about without me getting hot under the collar about the Council. Do people everywhere hate their local councils or is it just here and there? Maybe we are just programmed to hate authority. It seems to me that there is a great deal to congratulate our local council for; their recycling programme is exceptionally good, their environmental services up to date, and their local councillors are generally extremely approachable on their home ground. Recently an item in the local paper informed us that our County Council had been congratulated by the Auditors on their well-kept accounts and the way they manage their money. I’m delighted that is the case but I do wish that their finance department would learn to stop threatening people with jail when they are two days late with council tax, try writing standard letters which do not talk down to people, stop treating the jobless as though they are there on purpose. Is it too much to ask. Patently the answer to that is yes. The tragedy is they won’t listen to anyone who is not in their enclosed world so they wouldn’t take advice on letter writing from the Queen’s own secretary if it was at odds with what their own departmental head says. Bitter? Me? No. Trying out my new Blog, which is not likely to carry much about the Council in the future and is more than likely to be about my real interests – Creative writing, Celtic mysteries, Local History, The age of Saints, Astrology, books, and magic places and even the odd poem and short story.

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