The Best Made Plans

The restoration of our castle in Cardigan is moving on, and my own planned involvement, creating a drama event for the launch in 2014 with the adaptation of my novel ‘A Court in Splendour’ the story of the first Eisteddfod which happened there in the 12th century, has preoccupied my imagination for some time. Over the past two years I have looked into all the potentials for raising money to get a wonderful community production off the ground, moving from person to person and group to group, and because of the necessity for a constituted group alongside me to gain funding, it has been an uphill struggle. Yesterday I  came to the point of thinking it was not going to happen and I decided to abandon the whole idea. I became quite emotional about letting go of it, but when I woke this morning I had my daily ‘quiet time’ and accepted that without interest from others I must simply move on, so was more sanguine and okay with it. Then I simply emailed those whom I had tried to enthuse with my own interest saying I would not be pursuing the matter further. So much for the certainty of decision making. Within a matter of hours the whole project was back on, with a huge amount of interest, enthusiasm, backing and support and a fantastic sense of its relevance to the community. The interest was always there, I just didn’t know it! So in these early days of the new year my resolution is to make sure that when I make plans, I will communicate them clearly, and keep everyone informed and ask them to inform me…..oh what an exciting  prospect lies ahead for us, for the castle, for the town and for all the people who will visit and be given the show of a lifetime!

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