The Sound of Thirst


When a man who has spent the last twenty three years advising governments and multilateral institutions, about sustainable water management, releases a new book on the subject, those in the business of decision-making are not the only ones who should listen to what he has to say. The Sound of Thirst, is a brilliant title for David Lloyd Owen’s new book, calling on the world as it does to open their ears to hear his findings and to take from them the many possibilities by which we might develop a more realistic and informed attitude toward the provision of water for all, around our planet.

This is an in-depth study of a subject of paramount importance in our time, which proves that for reasons political and climatic there are no easy answers to the many questions the author puts forward. It is not a light read but a serious academic study which contains a wealth of information and a world of complex ideas. It remains however, not entirely inaccessible to the non-specialist providing nuggets of fascinating information regarding the water cycle, and the ways in which other countries are working on provision and sanitation for the masses. It offers not only scientific data and information, but also provides proven and anecdotal evidence to support its claims and to demonstrate our ignorance regarding this most valuable of resources. However, it does mean that the level of discussion and the mass of information contained within it, will stretch most people who are not already interested in the subject of the international provision of clean water for all. The central tenet is that we should become more interested, whether we find it hard work or not.  Unless we become more engaged with the subject and take action on a number of levels, then we will continue with the unsatisfactory situation that exists today with the uneven international provision of urban water and the difficulties of sewage disposal in conurbations.

As a long-experienced consultant and expert on the subject David Lloyd Owen leaves no stone unturned as he goes in search of the ideas which could, in his own words show us ‘Why urban water for all is essential, achievable and affordable’.

The Sound of Thirst by David Lloyd Owen is in hard back published by Parthian Press and available from all good bookshops.

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