A Man of Magic Imagining

When I heard some weeks ago that Ossie Rhys Osmond, one of the most dynamic champions of the arts in Wales, was suffering from cancer, I found it hard to imagine that it could happen. On the Welsh scene he is such a powerhouse of energy, a larger than life character, who pops up on radio, tv, and public events, and always adds something to the occasion. The idea of him being ill was alien and unthinkable. But then I heard something else, and on the arts grapevine in Wales you too may have heard this. He is not only undergoing standard treatment for his condition, but he is helping it along by drawing his tumour(s) and then he is rubbing them out. Rubbing them out, erasing them! What a fantastic way to do it, using the power of art to overcome.

My heart lurched when I was told, because I genuinely believe he will succeed, with all due respect to the hospital, the chemo, the doctors and so on, I do believe that the power in his own shamanistic method, so typical of the man, will do the job. And he will be back amongst us, championing the arts and playing the fool. Long may he shaman on.