Lloyd George’s Birthday

I am not old enough to have a personal opinion of the man whose birthday today is remembered by those who have read about him, or admired the stories told them. My experience of coming across his name,  was when as a child in North Wales, I learned my first ‘Nursery Rhyme’ except it was not quite ba ba black sheep, but a rant about a politician whose style or policies were not in accord with the adults around me. This was taught to me by an elderly Sunday School Teacher, with a strong North Walian accent. Subversive or what?

Lloyd George no doubt when his life ebbs out will ride in a flaming chariot

he’ll sit in state on a red hot plate between Satan and Judas Iscariot

Ananias that day to the devil will say my plans to precedence fails

So move a bit higher away from the fire, make room for this feller from Wales.

Actually, I do think they knew how to have a laugh up there, and I have never come across this rhyme anywhere else – who coined it I have no idea, but I have never forgotten it and always hear it in my mind’s ear when Lloyd George appears in the news, like today on his birthday – always in exactly the same tone and accent as when I learned it at five years old!