An Easter Surprise

I can’t help thinking that the last thing I planned  for Easter was to do a storytelling performance. It is at least two or three years since I referred to myself as a storyteller, and the reason for my giving it up, was that I am no longer as free and easy in my movements as I was, and I do not feel as good about getting up and performing. However, when Glen Peters of Rhosygilwen invited me to join in their Easter celebrations by entertaining with stories on Easter Monday I was swept away on a moment of enthusiasm arising from the happy memories of previous engagements, telling tales of medieval doings, or river adventures of mermaids and royal fish. It seemed as soon as it sank in that rather than panic, what I needed to do was get help. So I invited a few friends in to perform with me. Beth Guiver is herself a budding storyteller and already building a strong reputation amongst those who have seen and heard her. Geoffrey Summers and Jonny Preece are members of Cardigan Theatre and are happy to be doing something a bit different.  I am enjoying the novelty of telling my stories with the assistance of others. There are none of the practical difficulties of doing it alone, carrying, standing, etc which tire me out. Just the nice bits, like telling a good story that makes people laugh, like Massive Aunt Morfa, or makes children think like The Hat Rabbit, or just makes them giggle, like Yukio and Shimizu. All these stories I have written and have lain in a file for years. So this is their outing as well as mine. I hope people will come. It should be a good show for us as well as for our audience.

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