Stories and storytelling

The following article appeared in the Tivyside Advertiser on 4th February. As too often seems to happen no-one to whom it really mattered actually saw it, which is sad. It happens all the time and sometimes makes us journalists wonder why we bother if the people we think will appreciate the publicity are not aware they are getting some. Reading a local paper is a prerequisite to understanding one’s own community since no-one can ever be a part of the life of the town without knowing at least a little about the local politics, education, and entertainments!

Storytelling Week

For seven days from Saturday February 1-8, storytellers around the UK will be telling tall tales and spreading the word that storytelling is not only alive and well, but kicking its way back into the mainstream. All of this is to celebrate Storytelling Week and in St Dogmaels at the Coach House, storyteller and former teacher, Beth Guiver will be showing why the form is growing in popularity especially for children.

‘Hearing a story from a real person, is so much more exciting and involving,than watching it on the tv,’ she says.

Having spent the past year telling stories at local carnivals and fairs, and venues like Jigso, and the Wildlife Centre, Beth knows well what children like.

‘I will be telling my Animal Wonder stories,’ she says. ‘Children love them. The characters fascinate them and make them laugh, like the frog who drinks all the water in the world, and the very clever monkey who outwits a dangerous, though charming, crocodile!’

Adults are of course welcome to sit in with their children, and it is not unusual for them to enjoy the storytelling as much as their youngsters do. Beth Guiver’s Storytelling event is on Saturday February 8, in the Coach House Museum/Cafe, St Dogmaels at 2.30pm and entry is free.

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