Another Book Completed

So another book of mine has been completed and has gone up on Kindle to be available for the world to read. The excitement that comes with putting out a new book will never leave me. This one is my seventh and in a way it is the one I have found the biggest challenge and the most fun and certainly it has been more confusing than I anticipated when I began writing  it :The Case of the Matching Charms, is its title and it’s written, I hope, for kids a bit older than those who read The Dreamstealers Trilogy (published by Y Lolfa 2003-2006). Those books were intended for kids 8 years old and upward. I think I see this as being more like 13years and upward.

Arianne Lexicon is the heroine of this book, the first in an intended series. At age sixteen she does not know what she wants to do with her life, but she is fascinated by puzzles and mysteries. She becomes a detective more by accident than on purpose. Her parents are antique dealers, and she lives with them above the shop. Her best friends also live above their parents’ businesses, Nick from the chip shop, and Joy from the phone and IT shop. These two are invaluable in being around when she needs them.

I wrote the book in a way quite unlike any of my former novels which I have always planned. This one came without planning. I started it and had no idea where it would go, and it seemed to find a direction on its own which was so unexpected, at moments, that I kept thinking perhaps I ought to sit down and make an outline plan, in my usual way. But this was an experiment in following rather than leading the story. So I wrote as though I was reading, or as though I myself was looking for clues, and what would come next. This was scary sometimes because I did think I might never finish it. I learned about ‘writer’s block’ because at one point I ran out of ideas and the book came to a sudden halt very close to the final chapters. It was as though the freedom I had experienced had become a handicap. I had no ‘outline framework’ to look for in my files, which I would normally have and I could not even tell whether there was a happy ending. Then one day, after weeks of looking at it, and attempting to start other things, I got a brainwave and went back to it, and it wrote itself to the end. This experience has meant that I feel very protective of this particular book. It was written spontaneously and am interested to see whether it has worked, and people who read it like it. Image

This is the cover image, dreamed up and created by Jacob Whittaker to whom I communicated some of the items in the plot.

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