Colony 13 Cardigan

Colony 13 Art Event

To refer to ‘Colony 13’ the Art Event currently happening in Cardigan, as an exhibition would be to reduce it down to considerably less than what it actually is. This immensely interesting spread of disciplines and media contributed by forty contemporary artists currently working in Wales is a fantastic opportunity to see work in Cardigan of the highest calibre in the world of contemporary art. Some is on show in  the Bridge Warehouse, some in the Fforest Tipi on Cambrian Quay, and some in the 4CG Market Space.

Lee Williams, an art lecturer from Port Talbot, who created Colony is organising it out of a genuine passion for  Contemporary Art. ‘It is really important to see where contemporary art is going’ he says. ‘For anyone with an interest in the arts this is a not to be missed opportunity.’

The event offers a fascinating insight into modern art, currently being produced. There are videos, recycled creations, installations, happenings in sound, and the event runs until the end of August. Opening times vary so it is advisable to consult the website  for details on sites, dates, opening times and maps.


Art on the Street

As part of Colony 13 Penny Jones and Hilary Ramsden last Saturday trawled through the streets of Cardigan with a washing line of shirts, reciting a 16th century poem in Welsh and English about a woman washing her lover’s shirt under Cardigan Bridge. They invited members of the public to loan their lover’s shirts for a washing performance on 15 September at Cardigan Bridge. They need the shirts by 24 August when they will be pegging them onto their washing line. Their venue is an inflatable sofa which they will take around Cardigan and the Quay’s festival.

Visible voices

The Visible Voice work of the Gwrando Collective, Lou Laurens and Jacob Whittaker, is on display as part of the Colony 13 exhibits in the Bridge Warehouse so for people who have taken part in contributing their voices to the project, there is now the opportunity to watch the mystery of their own visible voices on screen and listen to the music created by themselves at the meetings which were filmed and recorded.

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