The Garden

The end of the summer holidays and gorgeous weather to take in some out-of-doors art. The event I managed to get to was really different from the average – original in location and in content. It was called :

The Garden

At the Bank Holiday weekend there was a small, but special, exhibition of work by local artists at Ty Rhos, Nefern. With the title,‘The Garden’ work by Lucy Burns, Seren Stacey, Kate Dunwell, Sam Vicary and Rose Wood was placed around the grounds and the greenhouses and outbuildings which once formed the heart of a thriving garden centre. The environment of genteel semi-dereliction, with distressed buildings almost covered by riotous growth and greenery, provided an unusual and almost historic backdrop for the artwork. Sam Vicary’s bird paintings which were joyful, and demonstrate an interesting style displaying the ‘character’ of the birds, rather than textbook feathers fitted it perfectly; as did Lucy Burns work, with its seemingly mythical content, with wild-looking horses, and the feel of the North American plains. Kate Dunwell’s pieces brought a splash of charming, colourful abstraction replicating the one-time flora which occupied the place in the past and Rose Wood’s video of a concertina cardigan, like Seren Stacey’s photographs added more than a touch of the theatrical to the whole show. Tea and cakes, and sunshine too, made this a memorable show for those who created it, and also for those who attended.

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