Reviewing Roadrage

I must say that I do not often read a thriller – and I had no idea whether I would enjoy this one when my editor passed the info about it to me. When the book arrived and I began to read it was a surprise to find myself immersed in it very quickly. This is the review I wrote for the Tivyside – it’s a great read for a lazy week-end, one of those where you want to do nothing else, but sit around reading. Maybe it’s only me that does that….is it? Can’t be surely.

Book Review

A Gripping Tale

Anyone who reads ‘Roadrage’ the thrilling first novel by M J Johnson, will never see the cosy rurality of a  holiday cottage in Llangranog, in quite the same light again. Just released from Odd Dog Press, this is a truly gripping tale which, even from the earliest pages creates a shiver of fear, so strange and unsettling are the opening shots with their promise of the incomprehensible terrors to come.

The first stirrings of  what lies ahead occur in a late night journey on the motorway, when everyman Gil Harper, is driving home from spending Christmas with the family of his dead wife.  It’s a dark night with driving rain, he is dwelling on his solitary state and memories of his lost love, and becomes aware that his is the only car on the road. His feelings of loneliness are exaggerated by this, and it is almost a relief to see another pair of headlights coming up behind him. The fact that his dog Spike suddenly offers a growling warning of something unpleasant  to come is initially ignored by Gil. But then things start to happen which are very far from normal or comfortable. The behaviour of the second car as it tries a number of tactics which threaten to drive him off the road, or give him heart failure,  at first induces panic, the thought of a drunk out of hand, but soon escalates to something infinitely more threatening and ultimately terrifying.

Though Gil somehow manages to get away, believing he has escaped the threat, it is actually far from over as the reader recognises when offered an insight into the mind of the perpetrator. The interesting combination of observing the thoughts of both tormentor and tormented is a clever device and continues throughout the story as things get worse and worse.

Though the reader is privy to the voice of the criminal mind, they cannot identify him any more than Gil himself can. Despite that they are taken into the planning of the mysterious and unpleasant happenings, and even murder,  the motivation which drives it all remains in deep shadow, and this is the most terrifying aspect of the story. Who is he and why is he doing these things? While Gil struggles to explain what is happening to the police, things simply deteriorate around him with no clue as to what he has done to be targeted with such venom. In his private life he is making efforts to begin a new life, with a new relationship, but consistent terrifying attacks on those closest to him, and on his property continue, as does his bewilderment about why.

This is a really well-written thriller, with a tight scary plot, that carries some genuinely original ideas, and cleverly builds terror and tension, finally bringing a real ‘edge of the seat’ denouement and dramatic conclusion on the cliff top at Llangranog.

Roadrage by MJ Johnson is due out on 3 June, and is available from good bookshops; on Amazon as hardback or ebook, and is available online from price £12.99

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