Determinedly Poetic

My friend Jackie Biggs is an astonishing example to me that anyone can do anything if they really want to do it.  She bravely walked out of a full-time job as a journalist and began to pick up bits and pieces  of work – everything from caring for dogs at a kennels, to free-lancing, but her real intention was to do what she really wanted to do, which was to write poetry. She set about it without wasting any time at all, and she did so with such determination, and such an eagerness to find her own voice, and a willingness to learn how to do it well, that she leaves me open-mouthed with the progress she has made. She writes poetry all the time, every day is full of poetry, ideas for poems, visual triggers for poems, memories that suggest poems – she is a poet, and sends them off here and there; and good news begins to come in return, a poem in a magazine, a choice of poem of the month with a publisher, another for a collection with someone else. It is really exciting to watch. She loves what she is doing, and doing it well. You can see some of her work on her blog and believe me you will see more of it elsewhere before the year is out. She is one  of the Cardigan Cellar Bards who are filmed performing on Youtube, such a treat to see, a genuinely terrific varied bunch of talented writers. I’m writing about this today because someone recently told me to ‘grow up’ when I said I thought it possible that we can all have a go at following our destiny and we don’t have to sit hugging a desk for security and getting rich is not what it is all about. There are others around me who are doing it too. Jackie is not the only one. But yesterday she had good news with one of her poems, and it should be shared!

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