Euphoria of cheerful happenings

When a number of issues come to a conclusion together, it leads to a euphoria that is close to feeling like flying. Finally after weeks of filling in application forms for the ACW, finishing with it, and sending it off, and publication of ‘The Bardic Monk’ at the same time. A great pleasure to move with relief from a chore to a pure pleasure of a new book out!

The Bardic Monk, out in the world, going its own way without me holding its hand. What a weird thing it is, my thoughts will make new thoughts in the heads of readers, creating a world which, as Ken Follett said on BBC’s Great Welsh Writers last night, the reader for a brief moment, prefers to his own world. He’s right of course, otherwise no-one would get past the first few pages, but once they do, they are living two lives simultaneously. I’m more pleased with this book than anything I have written. I’m tempted to talk about analepsis again, but I need to think more about it before writing about it. Certainly, Walter Map has become a living person. I have him in my mind’s eye and will write about him again I think.

Will we really get to do a community musical drama on the castle? Will it be possible to get all sorts of people from the town to come and act, sing, perform poetry, build sets, create a wardrobe…if the Arts Council looks favourably on this phase one application we will at least have a script to work to, and more or less, the go-ahead to try for the rest of the money to take us to production. The restored castle with its entirely new stage in the round, will be a challenge to us all to make something wonderful to grace the space.To tell the story of the town’s history in an entertaining and accessible way, without losing the genuinely serious undercurrents will not be easy. To perform it with a cast of townspeople led by a small group of professionals and regular amateur actors, who know their way around a stage could be genuinely exciting. So now we wait. There could be six weeks before we know if this is a possibility.Cardigan Theatre are up for it, they have developed noticeable skills and I look forward to working with them. In fact I look forward to working with everyone who has signed up so far. So daily focus on the positive is not a bad way forward.

3 thoughts on “Euphoria of cheerful happenings

  1. Its a fantastic mythical ,magical read! Possibly the best you have written so far (and the others are very good). It desreves a huge audience and would make a wonderful play or TV film.

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