A Riot of Readers and Writers

At a pre-Christmas event held in the town for Cardigan’s writers yesterday, a sizeable group gathered to share tasters of current work either in progress or newly published. Reading aloud from poetry and novels, short stories and synopses, the writers offered some splendid material. I opened the readings myself, by sharing a passage from my new novel ‘The Bardic Monk’ which is due for release in January by Llanerch Press. So much for historical fiction! Beyond that we had poetry, contemporary, observational and scathing. thanks to Jackie Biggs and Dave Urwin of the Cellar Bards. In prose we had adventures of a hybrid outsider in a science-fantasy currently doing the rounds of the publishers, The Order of Light by Euian Rogers. The travels of a celebrated grandfather who brought back one hundred animals for the London Zoo, hopefully to be released before too long, by Jonathan Guinness. The gauche attempts of an English land agent attempting to settle into a Welsh village in the 1950s, Mr Tim by Peter George and a story of the exactitude of flying expeditions in Going Tactical by Huw Baumgartner.

Thanks to the presence of partners and friends in the audience – all readers and lovers of books, who laughed, sighed and paid appropriate riotous appreciation of the feast of words laid before them, it was a local but sensational small gathering, much enjoyed by everyone.

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