Unexpected Synchronisities

For the cover illustration of my next Kindle book, I recently settled on using my own design from a leaflet at least twenty years old, once used to advertise astrological consultations. I thought it was bold an original, not only for itself, but on a book, something surprisingly different. Imagine my surprise when days after having made the decision, a book from Amazon which was pre-ordered (before any images of it were around) arrived in the post. The Heresy of Dr Dee by Phil Rickman has been long awaited by me since I heard him speak about it at the Penfro Book Festival. The cover is so like mine apart from the overall colour being dark blue, rather than pale neutral that I keep picking it up and looking at it, wondering how this has come about. It displays a  single central mandala, with an esoteric message, which is exactly what mine shows. Its message appears to be either sephiroth maybe or some aspect of kabbalah. My own mandala carries planetary symbols and words in English which carry the validation for such studies as astrology ‘To Contemplate the Past and Future brings Meaning  to the Present.’ This is an important truism. The words suggest that by casting an eye over what has gone before and what route may arise from it,  we can become more centred in the now. I wonder what the meaning of the mandala on the book about Dr Dee, the most famous astrologer in history, might be ? Perhaps I will discover when I read the book, which is hopefully, going to be my week-end treat.

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