Religious? No! Astrological? Yep. Good Story? Sure!

This is a preview book cover. The book is not yet online but will be within days. Pete. who I was living with at the time, said this book would take me to Hay on Wye one day. We even went there to look it over and enjoyed what we saw. I did do Hay, the year after Pete died, I took The Fizzing Stone. But this book was Pete’s favourite because really, he helped me to write it. We were living in Brighouse, and I was writing in the days while he was at work. He came home from work, ate his supper and read the day’s work aloud to me. He suggested I write synopses of the chapters right from the start and encouraged me to stick to them. When the final chapter became long, complicated and without resolution, Pete asked to see the chapter synopsis from all the months before when I had begun the book. To loud laughter he read ‘Tie up Loose Ends’.

Exciting times – Neglected Books

Not only am I excited because I have four of my published on paper books now up on Kindle, available for a whole new readership, but also because the next two which join them, will be books that have never been published

Coming soon are the first two books in the series of Grace de Savira Mysteries. The first of these is ‘The Rules of Heaven’, rejected after a considerable number of encouraging beginnings and finally put away in disappointment. The second one, finished by then, was never even read by a publisher or an agent. Both were written in the 1990’s and to me they have a bit of a 1980’s feel. I was disheartened by the rejections and now after twenty years in a filing cabinet, they are going to be published on to Kindle. Is this or is this not, an astonishing cause for my celebrating!


Reviving the Dreamstealers

Although the first book in the trilogy I wrote for children ‘The Dreamstealers’, was published ten years ago, a major excitement this past couple of weeks has been putting the three books onto a digital format, making it available online and on Kindle!! I really look forward to a re-interest in them since I always felt that they were chased out of their true audience by other bigger books from other bigger publishers which came out around the same time. It is fair to the publishers’ marketing departments to recognise that their responsibility is obviously to their most recent product, but what seems unfair to the writer is that unlike some other areas of the arts it moves at such speed that there is not even time enough to do a proper publicity campaign before being shoved out of the way by the next best thing coming along.

It is unlikely, unless it gets turned into a film, that any book will continue to attract attention, after the first few days it is around. The truism that  today’s newspaper makes tomorrow’s chip wrapping, is equally applicable to books, which is sad for writers who have often spent years on a piece of work. However, with publishing on the internet a new audience may enjoy what was the privilege of the few who saw the original publicity. Hooray for Kindle and hooray for Amazon for making it so easy to transpose work from one medium to another!