Sunday now and then.

Sunday was a really special day when I was a teenager and found religion. I was in Church three times a day enjoying a wonderful rich social life, in a safe environment, surrounded by people who offered friendship and loyalty, and even a shoulder to cry on from time to time. Today was Sunday and as always it was a solitary day writing. My next Kindle book ‘Arianne Lexicon and The Five Charms’ kept me busy all day. In the process I discovered that my old school motto, Non Sibi Sed Omnibus…. is used by a large number of other schools and colleges. It means ‘not for oneself but for all’ apparently, so is quite a high moral call I suppose. It figures quite importantly at the heart of my Arianne story which is a teen fiction and  is so different from all my other books. I used to love Sundays, now I have to make myself like them by writing things to lift my mood. Out of all the week it makes me feel old. I wrote an email to my friends out in Portugal, Brian and Jane moved away last year and my annual Manchester trip is no longer an absolute certainty. They were such good hosts and always made me feel welcome in their genuinely delightful home.

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