Summer Festivals

Every year around now we have an extraordinary number of summer festivals occurring all around the area. In Cardigan we have three together within a week. The River and Food Festival, the Medieval Day, and the Teifi Quays are all aimed at giving the tourists a good show, but they do of course offer opportunities for local people as well. There are many who put up a stall, offer boat rides, bake tasty snacks, offer cookery demos, and so on. For years I worked as a storyteller, but the practical demands of setting up were physically beyond me. Sign boards are heavy, as are all the necessary backdrops, props, seating etc. and getting in and out in a car, walking miles from the car park….no longer for me. However, the storyteller is still there within and if you want to see what I was like when I was on form check this out Cardigan River and Food Festival – YouTube

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