Holiday Time

ImageGorgeous hot weather today and of course the town is filled with visitors. Cardigan acts as a centre for people staying all along the near coast as although it is a small town, there is no other for at least twenty miles or more. Watching the families jostling along our High Street has made me think about my own holiday in France in Grenoble with my cousin and her family. We actually stayed just outside the town, in a tiny village up a steep mountainside called St Hilaire du Touvet, utterly gorgeous, lovely chalet, fabulous views etc. And it really was a family holiday as went together and we travelled around the area enjoying all it had to offer, from delicious food to visiting the monks making Chartreuse. Bookworm, the place where my cousin teaches English is a delightful second hand bookshop in a place you would never expect to find second-hand English books. It made me think that in future wherever I go I will look out for a second-hand bookshop and not assume they are all gone. We have one left in Cardigan and it is a rare and special thing.

This is a photograph of myself with Jacob, my artist son, and Patricia my cousin and her husband Jean-Marc.

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