Writing not Blogging

What a hasty and ill-thought post this was. Maybe daily changes in mood and external circumstances should be taken into account before getting so negative. I will remember this and work out gradually a way to cope with the small learning skills which so enrage me when I feel defeated by them. There are many more interesting things to say than to go on about how to blog. Better to just do it! So for what follows – a pinch of salt! As a writer of many years, with several books published, and a background of journalism, the idea of having a blog genuinely appealed to me. After all, living in a fairly remote part of the world, this could be the perfect way to say the things that are important ‘in the moment’  rather than writing them in the next book, or the next issue of a newspaper. I began a blog with a real enthusiasm, my son helped me through the initial steps and then left me to my own devices, therein lies the rub. What I mean by this is that with help beginning is okay, but the continuity of learning attached to working with technological functions never ends, and therefore one spends time learning things which are actually secondary to the real reason you are doing them in the first place. If, like me, you happen to be of the older generation and therefore slower at learning, it is possible to spend so long finding out how to do something that there is no time left to do it. One could say that there are courses and that once learned these processes stay with us, but this is not so. Every time I sit down to write a new passage for my next book, I am using skills already learned, Word behaves more or less the same today as it did when I learned to use it in the 1980’s, so all I do is write. If I want to blog, I have to learn all sorts of things – what is a hash tag? why make a link? how do I share? who with? all very obvious to most bloggers no doubt,but not to me. It makes my brain ache. The ideas I once had for expressing in my blog sink beneath the confusion I feel when I look at the screen. It began with me thinking I had some interesting things to say, some local issues to introduce, and perhaps on a better day than today I might take up the challenge and try again. But today, my own experience explains a lot to me, about many of my peers, won’t actually go near a computer and are simply terrified by it all. Even if they face the challenge of learning something today, they will be expected to learn something else tomorrow, and any purpose they may think they have for trying to do it in the first place fades behind all the stuff they have to get through first. So, I’m going to do some writing instead.

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