Looking and Learning

It’s interesting looking at other blogs and seeing how the most interesting are often those with a visual attraction as well as words. In free-lance writing I know from experience that if I send in a story to a newspaper without a picture it only stands half the chance it would if it was accompanied by a visually interesting image. My problem with this, my blog, is my photo,picture collection to hand is not only minimal, but it is also not terribly interesting. I cannot just reach into my collection and produce something appropriate to what I am writing. For instance, writing about Barley Saturday, in my last post, in my head I had a clear image of a framed photograph on my loo wall, which was given to me the Christmas before last. It’s a view of the High Street on Barley Saturday with horses coming down the street, and the whole place alive and colourful, all the shops and so on. It is taken from above by my friend John Bass, who has some kind of specialist equipment to do it. His photos are amazing as he captures things one cannot see at ground level. But having one of his photographs on my loo wall is not the same as being able to put it here, next to my words, so you can see how brilliant the day is, and how well John has captured it. I must tackle this lack of  visuals at my finger-tips, otherwise I will consistently disappoint myself.


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