Valued Connections

Today I had an opportunity to talk to Sam at Small World, and to share with Maggie, the thoughts I have been having about trying to capture an overview of the connections between individuals who work alone and yet also work together with others, around us. Whether it is in the field of film, painting, photography, theatre or writing, it is there, apparent, that a good-will feeling exists which exercises what could be called a magnetic influence on the people who, despite having their own ambitions, plans, idea of work, projects in the making, will set them aside to work with a friend on a major show, or a commitment which requires support. Whether Cardigan and the surrounding area are any different from anywhere else we cannot possibly know and we only know about what happens here because we live here. It does seem however,  that it is likely in many places the same mutual admiration which leads to willing sharing and occasional  working collaboration occurs. Perhaps after all it is universal; a thought which makes me feel an immense sense of optimism. Sam said she thought it was a good idea to record some of the things that happen, and also she said she would think around it. One thing she said which I thought was so true is that these are not people in groups, let that never be the thought. These are the non-joiners, those who ‘walk alone’ except that their contemporaries, their mates, are also artists. They make the best company for conversation and what they produce when they put it before the local audiences is always more than is expected.  

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